Watch Live Japanese TV Online with KeyHole TV!

KeyHoleTV is an online television portal that links to Japanese televition channels, radio stations, and user-made channels. However, KeyHoleTV only has a very limited selection of channels, such as TV Asahi, NHK, Fuji TV, TBS, TV Tokyo, and Nippon TV. Most are analog and some of the applied channels are password protected. There area also a few smaller channels and user broadcasts that change randomly. If you’re interested in downloading it, here’s a step by step guide.

1. Download KeyHoleTV

Head over to and download the file labeled “SetupKHTV3.13.exe ” or you can just click here: Download KeyHoleTV.

Then head over to and download the file labeled “FixKHTV3.14.exe” (or click here)

Also available for Linux and Mac OSX.

2. Install KeyHoleTV

Select English, or which ever language you are most comfortable reading, and install the SetupKHTV3.13.exe file. Afterwards, run the update with the file FixKHTV3.14.exe.

3. Run KeyHoleTV
After the install, run the program

You will see various buttons, and the main channel guide. Below I will include a guide to the channels so you know what you’re looking at. A brief explanation of the buttons:

  • On Line, Logs you on and off of the server. Sometimes you will see errors saying that you are not connected to the server. Just click the button Off, and then back On to log back in.
  • Mute On, Allows you to mute the sound. Trigger On and Off.
  • Stop VIDEO, Allows you to stop and start the video.
  • UPDATE, The channel listings refreshes every now-and-then. Use this button to manually update the channel listings for KeyHole TV.
  • WATCH, After you have selected a channel in the channel listings window, click the Watch button to view the channel.
  • SEARCH, Right now, you don’t have to worry about this button as there are not many channels available on KeyHole TV. However in the future, this button is going to be a must have.
  • Chat with Broadcaster, I haven’t seen any broadcasters chatting, but I assume that KeyHole TV has the option of allowing the viewers to chat with the broadcasters. There is a popular channel that features actress Risa Ishimoto, not sure if you can chat with her or not.
  • VIDEO, This tab allows you to view the video window.
  • PROGRAM, This tabe allows you to view the channel listings.

So there you go. If you are using this to help you with learning Japanese, I hope you get a lot out of KeyHole TV

Source : Wikipedia, xorsyst


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